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Carrying Trust. Delivering Satisfaction.

To link producers and consumers across the country, DRS maintains top-class transport operations. It is served by a network of 165 strategically located offices and service centres, reaching out to over 1200 destinations, through a 1000 strong fleet of self-owned vehicles. An ISO 9001 accredited organization, DRS was the first organization in India to introduce Dry Cargo Containers, which have ushered in a revolution in transportation.

Small Parcels. Great Care.

DRS has expanded its spectrum of services to also include transportation of parcels. It specializes in Express Parcel Service through a fleet of waterproof closed container vehicles, which ensure total safety of goods. The most economical service, starting from Rs.5/-, entails significant savings for small businesses. Adherence to delivery schedules, hassle-free processes, and quick response time, are the hallmarks of DRS service.

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