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In the year of 2006, DRS started the services of Warehousing across the country by acquiring lands for the Warehouses.

Parking space of minimum 100 Vehicles.

20 toilets and shower room facility for drivers.

Medical facilities will be available to drivers, cleaner and other staff members, who will be attended by trained medical personnel. The Warehouse is also connected to reputed hospitals in the city if advanced medical care is required.

Petrol pump space.

Security tower room on all Conner's of the bit.

Weighing bridge facility will be provided with in the warehouse.

In addition to extinguishers and fire alarm systems at all sensitive points and areas prone to the fire hazards, a fire hydrant system to be installed around the warehouse. A provision for fire water sprinklers to be provided within the warehouse.

24x7 operation of CCTV provides live display of activities of the park in terms of traffic flow and movement of people.

Boom barrier checks the inflow and outflow of people and trucks curtailing unauthorized movements. Lightning arrester will protect the warehouse from thunder and lightning during rainy season.

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